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LCD Screen Protector For Amazon Kindle

* also available in other colors

* also available in other colors

One of the coolest and most useful inventions in the last few years is definitely Amazon Kindle. It’s a simplistic device but with endless potential and extremely easy to use even for those who aren’t computer savvy.

Despite many tests showing excellent durability of the Kindle all kinds of damages can happen if you’re not careful. Unfortunately, you can never be too careful and that’s exactly why this silicone rubber LCD screen protector for Kindle is the number one addition you simply must have.

First and foremost it will protect your display from scratches. It can be quite annoying to try and read something with a damaged screen which I’m sure you’re aware of. Although it offers limited protection, it might even save your Kindle in case it falls. It’s very light weight, soft to the touch and fits perfectly. The case also protects your keys but you won’t have trouble accessing the ones you need most.

* the screen protection case described fits Amazon Kindle 2; if you’re looking for a case for older Kindle versions click here!