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USB Paper Shredders – Coolest USB Gadgets Ever?

I just recently stumbled upon this and thought to myself I definitely have to have one. I still didn’t buy it but will do in the next few days definitely. If you missed the title of this post, I’m talking about USB paper shredders.

That’s right, of all the weird USB gadgets you can buy like rocket launchers or useless LED lights and whatnot, a paper shredder is no doubt one of the most useful ones in fact. Not to mention, it’s actually fun as well. All those post-it notes and other paper lying on your table at home or office can now be simply and quickly be disposed with — you guesses, a paper shredder. There are some home paper shredders you can purchase for $50 – $200, but USB shredders aren’t nearly as expensive. In fact they are quite cheap, as you can get one for about $13.

$13 for a USB paper shredder? I think it’s a bargain for a gadget as cool as this.