Bedroom Furniture – Image Gallery of Great Ideas

Even though our bedrooms are typically only used for sleeping, it’s one of the most intimate parts of our homes and decorating it with great looking bedroom furniture is often a great idea. It’s not only a place to sleep but also to relax and take a moment for yourself from the outside world.

Modern Bedroom Furniture

Below I’ve selected a few great bedroom furniture ideas you can use to improve your own bedroom. These beds, cabinets and other furniture items can really make your bedroom stand out and make sure it’s as pleasant as possible. The images include various beds including wooden beds, iron beds, and upholstered beds. Additionally you should also pay attention to bedding, mattresses, linens etc. You can get most of the furniture or other bedroom items from Ikea, Overstock or similar large vendors, since they have the most biggest selection of different bedroom furniture to choose from.

Various other bedroom furniture includes drawers, bedside tables and nightstands, wardrobes, dressing tables, desks, chars, stools, underbed drawers, trunks, bookcases, and even armoires, bedroom benches, media storage and mirrors. With our visual guide to bedroom furniture I’m sure you’ll get quite a few ideas on how to decorate your bedroom and make it stand out.

Your dream bedroom is likely included in our gallery of images you can browse below. Whether it’s a stylish modern bedroom or classic furniture chances are you will find a great idea on how you can decorate your own bedroom and choose the best looking furniture for a reasonable price. Contemporary bedroom furniture is a hit right now so you really can’t go wrong if you choose to go with some of our ideas shown in the photos below.

These modern bedroom designs will definitely be visually appealing to everyone including yourself so be sure to keep some of these bedroom decoration ideas in mind and try to improve your bedroom today. You certainly won’t regret it.

Hopefully you like these bedroom and bedroom furniture ideas. If you have any of your own you’d like to share feel free to post them in the comments section below.

USB Paper Shredders – Coolest USB Gadgets Ever?

I just recently stumbled upon this and thought to myself I definitely have to have one. I still didn’t buy it but will do in the next few days definitely. If you missed the title of this post, I’m talking about USB paper shredders.

That’s right, of all the weird USB gadgets you can buy like rocket launchers or useless LED lights and whatnot, a paper shredder is no doubt one of the most useful ones in fact. Not to mention, it’s actually fun as well. All those post-it notes and other paper lying on your table at home or office can now be simply and quickly be disposed with — you guesses, a paper shredder. There are some home paper shredders you can purchase for $50 – $200, but USB shredders aren’t nearly as expensive. In fact they are quite cheap, as you can get one for about $13.

$13 for a USB paper shredder? I think it’s a bargain for a gadget as cool as this.

Coraline WP Theme: Show Post Excerpts On Category & Tag Pages

I recently installed the simple yet effective Coraline theme on one of my WordPress-powered blogs. I’ve been able to customize the theme to my liking, and the contents are way more important than the design so I went for this simple theme.

There was however one thing that kept bugging me: category and tag pages weren’t showing post excerpts but rather full posts. Being somewhat knowledgeable about SEO, I figure it might lead to unnecessary duplicate content issues and I wanted to change it.

In most themes it’s really simple, and while it’s not overly complex in Coraline either I did have to dig a bit deeper. In most themes you can change it in tag.php and category.php pages, but Coraline does it a bit differently. Google wasn’t helpful either, so here’s what I did:

1. Go to Appearance &> Editor, and select loop.php file

2. Find the following code:

<?php if ( is_search() ) : // Display excerpts for search. ?&>
 <?php the_excerpt(); ?&>
 <!-- .entry-summary --&>
 <?php else : ?&>
 <?php the_content( __( 'Continue reading &<span&>→&', 'coraline' ) ); ?&>
 <?php wp_link_pages( array( 'before' =&> '&<div&>' . __( 'Pages:', 'coraline' ), 'after' =&> '&' ) ); ?&>
 <!-- .entry-content --&>
 <?php endif; ?&>

3. Replace the red text with the following:

 <?php the_excerpt

And voila. Your category and tag archives will now show post excerpts with the “Continue Reading” link.

Some newer and popular themes allow you to change this behavior in the backend, but sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty and figure it out yourself. Hope you find this helpful.

Thunderbird Security Certificate Issue Fix

I’ve been using Mozilla Thunderbird for some time now, and recently it started bugging me all the time when checking my emails. A window pops up each time asking me for security certificates exception, and even though I keep selecting the “Permanently store this exception” option, Thunderbird still keeps asking me every single time I open it.

So just today, after a couple of months of annoyance I finally got tired of it and looked up a solution. It’s actually very easy to fix, but being lazy as I am I never bothered to fix it until now.

Basically, what you need to do is this:

  1. Open Thunderbird and click the “Tools” in the menu bar
  2. Switch to “Advanced” tab
  3. Select the “Certificates” tab
  4. Click the “Validation” button
  5. Disable the certificate validation

For convenience you can also view the steps in the screenshot below:

In a majority of cases, you don’t need to confirm certificates and whatnot every single time you want to read your email, and it doesn’t really pose a security issue. This should make your work with this excellent email client more enjoyable.

How to Delete Your Facebook Account

How Do I Delete My Facebook AccountIt’s becoming increasingly common for people to stop using Facebook. Although the service is undoubtedly getting more customers than losing them, as seen on the image above many people are searching for ways to delete their Facebook accounts forever.

Facebook doesn’t allow for easy deletion of your profile, and most people simply deactivate it. It’s important to note that deleting an account and deactivating it are two separate things: by deactivating your Facebook account your friends will still be able to send you invites, tag photos with your name and invite you to groups.

Due to recent changes implemented by FB which caused many privacy concerns more and more users are looking for a way out, so here’s exactly how you can delete your account: follow this link, and press the delete button. Yes, it’s that simple, the only problem is finding the link as FB doesn’t really like to advertise it ;) . Do note however if you log in for the next 14 days after deleting your account you will be able to reactivate it.

By following the provided link and permanently deleting your Facebook account it will no longer appear in Facebook or Google searches, and best of all you’ll never again have to see those annoying Farmville, Fishville and whatever-ville messages again.

Quit Smoking Easily With Electronic Cigarettes

premium_e-cigarette_pr110Electronic cigarettes have appeared on the market in the last couple of years and are gaining popularity every day. Most long-time smokers have been successfully able to greatly reduce and even quit smoking by using them as an alternative to regular ones. Electronic cigarettes, also called an e-cigarettes or electric cigarettes or e-smokes, is an electric version of a cigarette, a smoking alternative devices providing small amounts of nicotine with each inhalation allows you to have almost same joy of smoking.

There are several manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and Premium is probably the best one. They offer a wide range of different e-cigarettes and cigars. E-cigarettes are extremely easy to use and recharge, and you can even buy disposable ones or cigarettes which have rechargeable batteries.

If you’re smoking and can’t seem to quit or reduce the amount you smoke, I recommend giving a shot at electric cigarettes. It’s definitely the best and healthiest way to keep your hands busy!

Canon Rebel XS 10.1MP Digital SLR Camera

Canon Rebel XSWith Rebel XS, Canon finally produced an affordable digital SLR (DSLR) camera which does absolutely everything you want and need, and it does it very well.

It weights 4 pounds, has a 10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor which captures enough detail for poster-size photo-quality prints. Canon Rebel XD has a large 2.5-inch LCD display and stores images on SD/SDHC memory cards. Rebel XS has simple and easy-to-use controls, a compact design, and a lot of other technical stuff I don’t even know what means.

Basically, if you’re looking for a professional DSLR which is also perfectly suited for beginners, look no further than Canon Rebel XS.

LCD Screen Protector For Amazon Kindle

* also available in other colors

* also available in other colors

One of the coolest and most useful inventions in the last few years is definitely Amazon Kindle. It’s a simplistic device but with endless potential and extremely easy to use even for those who aren’t computer savvy.

Despite many tests showing excellent durability of the Kindle all kinds of damages can happen if you’re not careful. Unfortunately, you can never be too careful and that’s exactly why this silicone rubber LCD screen protector for Kindle is the number one addition you simply must have.

First and foremost it will protect your display from scratches. It can be quite annoying to try and read something with a damaged screen which I’m sure you’re aware of. Although it offers limited protection, it might even save your Kindle in case it falls. It’s very light weight, soft to the touch and fits perfectly. The case also protects your keys but you won’t have trouble accessing the ones you need most.

* the screen protection case described fits Amazon Kindle 2; if you’re looking for a case for older Kindle versions click here!

Aluratek Digital Photo Frames

Aluratek is one of the best, if not the best manufacturer of digital photo frames. Their picture frames are quality made with support for high resolutions and enough capacity to store hundreds of photographs. There are several different Aluratek photo frames available with little noticable differences except screen and memory size. Here’s an overview of the best and top selling digital photo frames by Aluratek.

Please note the prices are valid at the time of writing this and may be temporary or discount prices. Double-check the current prices by following the links provided with each product!

aluratek-adpf07sf-7-inch-digital-photo-frameAluratek ADPF07SF 7-Inch Hi-Resolution Digital Photo Frame

Price: $34,95

Description: More than just a digital photo frame, Aluratek raises the bar with its Digital Lifestyle Device (DLD). View high-resolution pictures easily by inserting your digital media card directly onto Aluratek’s (DLD). Pictures will automatically start in a slideshow function. With Aluratek’s (DLD) share all your digital pictures. Whether it is at work or at home, let the fun begin!

Built in memory: none, requires SD memory cards (2GB = approx. $4)

aluratek-102-inch-digital-photo-frame-built-in-memoryAluratek 10.2-Inch Digital Photo Frame with 512MB Built in Memory

Price: $95,81

Description: The ADPF310F by Aluratek boasts a true digital 10.2-Inch panel for stunning picture quality and resolution. Simply insert your camera’s memory card and the “auto slideshow” feature does the rest. There is also 512MB’s built in memory which will allow you to connect the included USB cable to your computer and you can transfer hundreds of your favorite pictures, MP3 Music files or Videos to the frame. No configuring or programming necessary to enjoy great quality pictures with brilliant slideshows and your favorite background music with the robust sounding built in speakers.

  • 10.2-Inch Digital Picture Frame
  • 800×480 Digital Panel Resolution
  • 512MB Built In Memory
  • Supports Photo’s, Music, Videos
  • Random Slideshow Effects

Aluratek 15-inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with 256MB Internal MemoryAluratek 15-inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with 256MB Internal Memory

Price: $189,99

Description: Play slideshows, zoom, rotate, and listen to hi quality background music all at the touch of a button with the included remote control. Switch to movie mode and enjoy amazing video and audio near HD quality. Browse and listen to all of your favorite MP3 music files after your movies over.

  • Easy operation as most fi le formats are automatically recognized
  • View Digital Photos
  • Watch home videos and movies
  • Listen to your favorite MP3 Music files.
  • 256 MB built-in memory

Aluratek ADMPF108F Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame With 512MB Built in Memory (Black)Aluratek ADMPF108F Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame With 512MB Built in Memory (Black)


Description: The ADMPF108F by Aluratek boasts a true digital 8-Inch panel for stunning picture quality and resolution. Simply insert your camera’s memory card and the “auto slideshow” feature does the rest. There is also 512MB’s built in memory which will allow you to connect the included USB cable to your computer and you can transfer hundreds of your favorite pictures, MP3 Music files or Videos to the frame. No configuring or programming necessary to enjoy great quality pictures with brilliant slideshows and your favorite background music with the robust sounding built in speakers.

  • 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame
  • 800×600 Digital Panel Resolution
  • 512 MB Built In Memory
  • Supports Photo’s, Music, Videos
  • Random Slideshow Effects

Aluratek ADMPF007F 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame With RemoteAluratek ADMPF007F 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame With Remote

Price: $91,74

Description: The ADMPF007F by Aluratek is the most user friendly 7 Inch digital photo frame possible. Simply insert your camera’s SD or MMC memory card or a USB thumb/flash drive and the “auto slideshow” feature does the rest. No configuring or programming necessary to enjoy great quality pictures/slideshows with your favorite MP3 background music. The “auto slideshow” feature makes this frame a great gift item for those who are less technical than others. With the ease of use and the stellar picture quality bring all of your digital images into your daily life with the Aluratek ADMPF007F!

  • 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame
  • View Digital Photos
  • Watch home videos
  • Listen to your favorite MP3 Music files

My recommendation:

Aluratek 10.2-Inch Digital Photo Frame with 512MB Built in Memory: more than enough memory to store photos, although it might be a bit tight if you plan to store videos. LCD size is average and usually quite enough, and while this is not the top product by Aluratek it is very well made and has a very reasonable price. It will make a great gift and spice up any living room!

The Bourne Trilogy Blu-Ray

The Bourne TrilogyThe Bourne trilogy are in my opinion one of the best (if not the best) action thrillers of all times. They are jam-packed with explosive action, incredible stunts and overall are a great fun to watch, over and over. The movie is starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, an assassin who lost his memory and is now trying to get it back. The titles of all three movies are The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum.

While it’s not much of a news, I’ve only recently discovered there’s a blu-ray version of these movies and thought it might be a perfect Christmas gift, for myself as well ;) . Amazon’s got it for a more than acceptable price and the quality is simply stunning. If you know anyone who loves action movies, he/she will love the Bourne.